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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Real Screen Video's boards indoors?
    Yes! At 12' High by 17’ wide, the Real Screen Video's board footprint is perfect for indoor use.
What types of video content does Real Screen Video's board accept?
   Our standard electronics package accepts all analog (NTSC or PAL) and SDI video sources and includes Daktronics V-Play System.
Will Real Screen Video's boards handle Rodeo data?
   Yes! Every Real Screen Video's board is equipped with a Rodeo Results program which can provide you with up-to-date scores and times.
Can Real Screen Video's boards be seen in bright daylight?
   Yes! Our technology delivers 5,000 nits and can be viewed in direct sunlight, which makes the Outdoor Video Board come to life.
I need help with Replays. Can Real Screen Video help me with Replays?
   Yes! Through our V-Play systems we can do replays instantly.
What happens if it rains? Do Real Screen Video's boards tolerate weather?
   Yes! Real Screen Video's boards will be running even if your audience is running for cover! .
Can I lease Real Screen Video's boards for a series of events, such as once a month, etc?
   Yes! Call us to discuss long-term, multi-event contracts - you'll be surprised at how affordable state of the art technology can be!
I want to put Real Screen Video's boards in different places during my event. Can I do that?
   Yes! With 60 minute set and strike times you can use the Real Screen Video's board in multiple places in one day.

Real Screen Video is your source for mobile LED screens. They are the newest way for event organizers to thrill the audience. We can make your event come to life no matter your need. If you are looking for a mobile LED Screen we are your choice!