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Technical Specifications

Here at Real Screen Video we want to make sure that we get you the best value for your venue when utilizing our LED Video Screen. One way we accomplish this is by making sure that you meet our minimum specifications for items such as weight and size. Listed below are key items that will allow maximum utilization of the LED Video Screen. We have listed both Outdoor and Indoor applications along with Trailer mounted and Hanging type applications.


Display Dimensions Vibrant LED Screen Colors

  • Height: 12' Width: 17’
  • Weight: 4,300 lb
  • Pixel Pitch: 16.5 mm
  • Matrix Size: 208 x 304
  • Lift: 12' to the bottom of the board
  • Rotation: 360 degrees

Rig Dimensions  Mobile Video Screen Rig

  • Trailer: 38' long x 8' wide 12' tall
  • Outriggers: Extends 4’ from the trailer
  • Footprint: 55' long x 16’ wide
  • Weight: Trailer 30,000 lb


  • Daktronics ProStar® VideoPlus technology with 68 billion color capability and 100% digital signal
  • RGB light emitting diodes (LEDs) allow for brightness control in direct sunlight

Power & Fueling

  • Generator: 25 KVW Whisperwatt
  • Fuel Capacity: 27 gallons
  • Usage: 1.5-2 gallons per hour
  • Shore Power Requirements: 100 amps of 120/208V single phase power; Female cam-lock connectors with series 16 cam plug;

Standard Control Equipment

  • 2 V-Play® digital video and audio server 
  • 2 Venus® 7000 controllers
  • 2 V-Link® video processors
  • Multiple video monitors
  • 1 Video distribution amplifier
  • 1 DVD player
  • 1 VHS player

Optional EquipmentRodeo Scoreboard and Timing

  • Omnisport 2000 Timer
  • Wireless Rodeo Timing equipment
  • Rodeo Results Program


  • There are four total rigging points. The two inner rigging points and two outer points.

Real Screen Video is your source for mobile LED screens. They are the newest way for event organizers to thrill the audience. We can make your event come to life no matter your need. If you are looking for a mobile LED Screen we are your choice!